The Purpose of Radon Mitigation

The spotlight has shown brightly on the adverse health effects of radon in recent years. Recent studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown that the radioactive gas can lead to a much greater risk of causing cancer. It is estimated that over 21,000 deaths each year are tied to radon gas exposure. Research has shown that radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.  Because of these alarming facts, the EPA has launched an extensive campaign to raise awareness of radon among millions of Americans. 


In cases where a home tests high for radon, the installation of a radon mitigation system will decrease the levels of radon in the home to safe levels. The goal of the radon mitigation system is to achieve the lowest radon level possible. The EPA's recommended action level for radon measurement is 4 pCi/L, homes that test above this threshold should have a radon mitigation system installed. It is possible to attain levels of 2pCi/L and lower when Georgia Healthy Homes installs a radon mitigation system. 



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