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Radon Mitigation in Hartwell, GA 30643

A Hartwell homeowner, concerned about radon gas exposure, took action to protect their family's health. Kathleen, prioritizing indoor air quality, contacted Georgia Radon Defense, a company dedicated to healthy homes.

Our team addressed Kathleen's concerns and assessed the property. We performed a professional radon test to determine if a mitigation system was necessary. Following the test, we provided Kathleen with a free, transparent quote outlining the recommended solution.

Confident in our expertise, Kathleen accepted the quote. Our certified specialists then installed a custom-designed radon mitigation system using meticulous methods and high-quality materials.

To verify effectiveness, we conducted a follow-up radon test. The results were excellent! Radon levels were significantly reduced, ensuring a healthier environment for Kathleen's family.

Radon Mitigation in Elberton, GA 30635

During a home inspection, Kathryn discovered elevated radon levels (6.2 pCi/L). Demonstrating a proactive approach to health, she contacted Georgia Radon Defense during her due diligence phase.

While finished basements present unique challenges for mitigation system installation, our team is equipped to handle them efficiently. We provided Kathryn with a detailed quote outlining the solution.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining the home's curb appeal, Kathryn opted for our Aesthetic System for the exterior components of the mitigation system. This system utilizes high-quality materials and discreet placement to minimize visual impact.

Following Kathryn's closing on the home, we installed the mitigation system. This ensured the system's functionality from the outset and minimized disruption during her move-in process.

Radon Mitigation in Athens, GA

Proactive Seller, Smooth Transaction:

Following a home inspection that revealed elevated radon levels (4.2 pCi/L), Gregg Nagle's agent promptly contacted Georgia Radon Defense. This proactive approach ensured a smooth closing process for both seller and buyer.

Custom Solution for Partially Finished Basement:

Our team designed and installed a customized mitigation system tailored to the home's partially finished basement. This system effectively reduced radon levels to a safe 1.4 pCi/L, well below the EPA's recommended action level of 4 pCi/L.

Aesthetic Appeal and Peace of Mind:

While the seller opted for the base mitigation system, the buyer chose to upgrade to our Aesthetic System with an extended warranty. This system prioritizes discretion by using high-quality materials and strategic placement to minimize any visual impact on the home's exterior, providing added peace of mind for the new homeowners.

Radon Mitigation in Jefferson, GA

Michael, a Jefferson, GA homeowner, prioritized his family's well-being by addressing elevated radon levels. Concerned after self-testing through UGA Extension's office revealed levels of 9.5 pCi/L (exceeding the EPA's action level), Michael sought a professional solution. Learning about Georgia Radon Defense through the University of Georgia's website, he was impressed by the company's reputation for expertise and personalized service.

The Georgia Radon Defense team swiftly conducted a comprehensive assessment of Michael's finished basement. With a clear understanding of his needs, they designed and installed a custom mitigation system.

Following installation, a post-radon test confirmed the system's effectiveness. Radon levels dropped significantly to a healthy 1.0 pCi/L, offering Michael immense peace of mind. He expressed satisfaction with the entire process, particularly impressed by Georgia Radon Defense's expertise, personalized approach, and clear communication throughout the project.

Radon Mitigation in Flowery Branch, GA

Atif contacted Georgia Radon Defense upon discovering radon levels of 8.0 pCi/L in his home. Responding promptly, we dispatched our estimator, Craig, to assess the property and discuss mitigation options. During the assessment, Craig also addressed Atif's indoor air quality concerns.


Craig's comprehensive mitigation plan included installing an exterior mitigation system and a Breathe EZ Air Cleaner installed in Atif's HVAC unit. 


With Craig's plan finalized, our skilled technicians, Trent and Adroian, were dispatched to execute it. They successfully installed both the mitigation system and Breathe EZ Air Cleaner, effectively reducing the radon levels below the EPA's action limit of 4.0 pCi/L. 


If you're facing indoor air quality issues or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to Georgie Radon Defense today! 


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