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Radon Mitigation in Bethlehem, GA

Radon Mitigation in Bethlehem, GA

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Radon Mitigation in Bethlehem, GA Radon Mitigation in Bethlehem, GA

Barbra of Bethlehem reached out to Georgia Healthy Homes for radon mitigation after her home tested 9 pCi/L, a considerable amount above the EPA's recommended 4.0 pCi/L. She found Georgia Healthy Homes on the web and reached out to schedule a free at-home consultation. 



Radon Inspection & Mitigation in Bethlehem, GA

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Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers and has been discovered in every U.S. state. It is an odorless and invisible gas, making it impossible to detect without the assistance of a professional. Is there radon lurking in your Bethlehem home?

We have just what you need at Georgia Radon Defense. We have access to specialized equipment and skilled radon testing teams that will serve to accurately assess the radon levels of your home. We can provide you with the assurance of knowing that your home is radon-free, or we can provide you with tried and proven solutions to get rid of radon in your home. If the test reveals elevated levels of radon, we can install a radon mitigation system that will significantly decrease these levels and make your home safe.

We also offer solutions to other indoor air quality issues, such as those caused by pet dander, mold spores, or pollen. If you are concerned about radon in your home or are looking to remove other contaminants from the air inside your home, let us help. Contact us at 1-844-227-1299 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate today in Bethlehem!

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Job Stories From Bethlehem, GA
Real Estate with Radon Mitigation

After discovering radon levels testing at 32 pCi/L - eight times higher than the EPA's action limit of 4.0 pCi/L - during his real estate transaction, Cris promptly contact Georgia Radon Defense. 


Since all real estate transactions are on a time crunch, we quickly sent out our estimator, Craig, to design a mitigation plan. Following his assessment, we dispatched our technicians, Adorian and Trent, to install the mitigation system. 


In real estate transactions, time is critical. We advocate for rapid post-mitigation testing to meet deadlines. Fortunately, the rapid test results came back at 3.1 pCi/L, allowing Cris to proceed with his home sale seamlessly. 


If you encounter a radon issue when selling your home, rely on Georgia Radon Defense to prompt assistance. Call us today at 1-844-227-1299!


Radon Mitigation In Bethlehem, GA

Andrew from Bethlehem called Georgia Healthy Homes to inquire about lowering the high radon levels in his home after having a home inspection company test his home for radon. After reading about the damage of having radon levels over the EPA's recommended 4 pCi/L, Andrew decided to protect his family from future misfortune by having a radon mitigation system installed. 

Shortly after reaching out,  an appointment was set for Craig Shane to come evaluate the Bethlehem home. Craig went over the in and outs of the radon mitigation process with Andrew, explaining to him the benefits of having a professional mitigation system installed. Craig recommended that Andrew have an Eagle Extreme Fan installed to keep the radon levels below the EPA thresholds. With plans for an installation set, Zach Tully and Trent Jones were quickly dispatched to the home to install Andrew's radon mitigation system. 

If you believe you have high radon levels, give Georgia Healthy Homes a call today! 

Saving a Real Estate Deal in Bethlehem

Christy was trying to sell a home for her client and after getting back radon test results as high as 9 pCi/L, she decided to reach out to Georgia Healthy Homes to lower the radon levels so she could sell the home. Having worked with Georgia Healthy Homes before, Christy quickly scheduled an appointment with Craig Shane to recommend the best possible solution to lower the radon levels of the home. 

With a plan in place, Craig dispatched Zach Tully and Trent Jones to the Bethlehem home to install an Eagle Fan to lower the home's high radon levels. Zach and Trent professionally installed the radon mitigation system in a single afternoon. With the mitigation system installed and the high levels of radon resolved, Christy could get back to selling her client's home. 

If you are a real estate agent and need a mitigation company that understands the immediacy of a home purchase, call Georgia Healthy Homes today!

Saving a Real Estate Deal in Bethlehem - Photo 1Saving a Real Estate Deal in Bethlehem - Photo 2
Radon Mitigation System in Bethlehem, GA

Abigail G was purchasing a home in Bethlehem, GA and her home inspection company, The BrickKicker, hired Georgia Healthy Homes to do a radon test during her due diligence period.

We completed a test over the weekend using a continuous radon monitor. It rained hard on the second day of the test so we allowed the test to run for a total of 5 days. This usually helps remove the influence of the weather. The average reading reported was 13.5 pCi/L, well over the EPA recommended minimum. The highest measurement recorded was 90 pCi/L. 

Abigail was alarmed and the homeowner, Mark, decided to do his own 48-hour test when it wasn't raining. His test reported an average of 4.3 pCi/L, still above the EPA action level. (He used an inexpensive test kit from a hardware store.) The two parties agreed to have a radon mitigation system installed, and the seller paid for it.

Having a test using a continuous radon monitor (CRM) is always recommended during a real estate transaction. The CRM gives an hourly reading that you can correlate with weather events. It is important to remember to always look at the average result but having this information during a home purchase can help with your negotiation. 

The EPA recommends radon testing before purchasing ANY home. If you are buying a home and your home inspector does not offer radon testing, or if you want the test completed by an AARST Certified Mitigation Provider call Georgia Healthy Homes.

Radon Mitigation System in Bethlehem, GA - Photo 1
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